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Helen Meles is a prominent Eritrean Singer and Actress. She has released several albums and appeared in many top-rated Eritrean Musical Career started in her early years at the age of 8 when she joined the Kassala RED FLOWERS band ( ) which was formed by the EPLF's Education Branch of Kassala. With the band she performed in different places of Sudan as a Lead the age of 13, Helen joined the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF), where she was enrolled in the EPLF's revolutionary school.[1] She is known for her successful transition from ex-war combatant with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front to prominent singer.[2][3] In 2007, Helen married Eritrean saxophonist Issac Asefaw.[1]1. CD ALBUMS Vol. 1 - Kuhulay Segen - 1997 Vol. 2 - 'Ti Gezana - 1998 (Remix of Tebereh Tesfahuney Oldies) Mamina (Remix of Amleset Abay Oldies) feat. Amleset Abay Vol. 3 - Remix Of Kuhulay Segen - 2000 Vol. 4. - Res'ani - 2003 Vol. 5 - Halewat - 20062. Single Hit Releases Abey keydu silimatki (1990),* Eza adey (1998),* Warsay (1998),* Shabai /AKA/ Aba Selie (1999),* Debdabieu (1999), * Mesilka we (2000),* Sham (2000),* Betey (2001),* Gagyeka (2002),* Nacfa (2003),* Nibat fikri (2003),* Likie (2003),* Nisa tinber (2003),* Kewhi lubu (2004),* Manta Fikri (2004),* Ertrawit ade (2004),* Halime Ember (2005),* Fir Fir (2006),* Nihnan nisikin (2006),* Abaka Ember (2006),* Tsetser (2008),* Menesey (2010),* Rahsi (2011).3. Acting Career Fikrin Kunatn (1997), * Debdabieu (1999), * Mesilka'we (2000), * Rahel (2002), * Manta Fikri (2004), * Tuwyo Netsela (2006), * Menyu Tehatati (2007)National Awards1. 2000 3rd AbaSelie (Shabay) EriTv Award National Songs2. 2001 4th Sham Raimoc Eritrean Artistic Award3. 2001 1st Sham EriTv Award Top Ten Love Songs4. 2003 3rd Res'Ani, 4th Nib'At Fikri, 7th NisiHa Fikri Top Ten Eri-Festival Artistic Award5. 2005 1st Halime Ember Top Ten Eri-Festival Artistic Award6. 2006 2nd Fir Fir Top Ten Eri-Festival Artistic Award7. 2007 7th Beleni'ta Top Ten Eri-Festival Artistic Award

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